So you want to get your ex boyfriend back? He’ s the guy for you personally, isn’ t he? You love him and even though you two aren’ capital t together right now, your instinct is usually telling you that’ s not always going to be the case.

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  • mrankinmatt:

    Me and my now ex boyfriend have had problems on and off like not being friends every other year because I had a boyfriend. At some point, we dated for 5 weeks and I just felt happier with my original boyfriend so we agreed to break up. I did some stupid things that hurt my ex bfs feelings and he hurt mine. We pretty much broke each others’ hearts. When he cut off all communication with me, and even blocked me, i tried everything to fix it. We had several confrontations where he said he didnt feel good enough for me and how it was so miserable for him when he had to get over me. and other times where he acted totally nonchalant, like he didnt care at all. The other day we talked and agreed that we just dated at the wrong time but he said he thought it was better that we did break up. We had a best friend kind of relationship before, so it was like old times when we talked. We laughed and talked about random stuff for a bit and then when he had to leave, we both stalled. and i asked him “so are we good?” and he said “I guess.” and he said he didnt want to start hanging out again cuz he just thot it would be better and he mentioned how he hardly has time with sports and homework (same with me). This confrontation finally went well and then he still didnt want to start hanging out. And he doesnt reply to my messages. I’m so confused. I just want to be friends again and if this went so well, why doesnt he want to talk to me? and its hard for him to even look at me when we talk. Why did he have fun with me and then say he still didnt want to start hanging out?

  • therundown2k3:

    I broke up with my ex boyfriend (of four years) five months ago. We have been talking alot lately and we have been talking about getting back together. I think i still have feellings for him but there is alot goin on in my life right now and im confused at what i should do. Then last night i had a dream that i was moving into a new place and my new neighbor was my ex boyfriend. What does this mean?

  • toysruslover:

    So recently my ex-boyfriend has been threatening to kill himself because he is so depressed about our relationship being over and me cheating in the past. Yesterday I had to go over to his dad’s house (he lives in another state with his mom) and tell his dad this my ex is suicidal and that he has been talking and thinking about suicide. He keeps posting stuff on my facebook so I had to block him, but he said that since I cut off contact with him that he has a reason to committ suicide now. I’m so scared and I don’t know what to do. What should i do in this situation? Keep ignoring him or tell his dad about the new messages he sent me? Also what if he tries to kill me? Because he has threatened me in the past. Help please I’m so scared.

  • PoohBearPenguin:

    i’m 15, and my current boyfriend is 17…
    i keep having reocurring dreams about my ex boyfriend whenever i am asleep, or just daydreaming. i have them more about the times i spent w/ my ex, and could have spent w/him if we didnt break up. i have dreams about my ex way more than i ever had about my boyfriend i have now…..why does this happen? i really want to stop the dreams because i love my boyfriend so much, and it makes me feel disloyal to him… advice?

    (p.s. my ex boyfriend and i broke up b/c he cheated on me….could that have something to do w/ it??)

  • Terrence:

    ok heres the deal. I went out with my ex-boyfriend for 9 months and have never felt so close to anyone in my whole life. we had a connection and like all the same things. our biggest year at school was coming up and because we live in different towns we decided to break it up because it would be to hard 2 juggle everything. we have spoken everyday though until 2 days ago. i met up with him this summer and he said he was seeing a girl at his school. he kissed me and told me he loved me and when we got the train home before taking different buses to our respective towns we cried together. now i have jus found out that him and this other girl are official. it broke my heart so a got rid of everything that reminds me of him. what are your thoughts on the situation. dyu think he has been bullshittin me?

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