The following is what I think makes a partnership work. I was with the same partner for over forty-five years. This information is merely touching the surface and is based on what worked for me and others that I talked with who also where in long-term relationships that lasted 30 years or longer.

No one ever said it would be simple to make a relationship work. It takes a couple and it is a full-time job. Don’ t let anyone tell you or else. A relationship cannot be one- sided. Right out the gate trust is a key factor in any relationship, without this there is no relationship. You both have to be totally committed and be willing to make surrender and compromises. Never be afraid to inform your partner how you feel. If something is disturbing you talk it out, you might not like the out come but that is where compromise can come into the image.

When making decisions to try and do something always take into consideration how it will eventually affect your partner and relationship. You should remember when in a relationship it is not always just about you. Your actions can affect your partner just as much as they have an effect on you.

Communication! Conversation! Communication, always keep it open and going never let it die! Conversation skills to not happen overnight. It requires a lot of hard work on both partners finish and it continues throughout your entire partnership.

Never ever lie, it is best to tell the truth and take what happens and work it out because 9 out of ten times if you do sit it will come back and bite a person in the ass and your trust goes right out the window. Remember without having trust there really is no partnership.

Never act like you happen to be better than your partner, you may be better well-informed or be better off financially yet do not ever flaunt it. You need to keep in mind you are a couple not just two people. Have respect for one another and always respect each others personal privacy. Never plaster your disagreements or even spats on social media. Do not post photo’ s that are embarrassing. Once it is out there, it is out there forever and you can not take it back.

When you get into a fight and you will (don’ t believe someone if they tell you that they never fight everybody does one time or another) tend not to go running to family members and tell them all the details. The reason I am telling you this is because you will makeup and every thing will be fine, however , your family associates will remember every word a person said about your partner and every period they see your partner they are going to keep in mind what you said. So keep your family members out of the personal parts of your partnership. Over time if you continue running in order to family members their attitude towards your partner is going to change. If they had a great relationship they no longer will.

One Major thing to consider is in order for your relationship in order to thrive you have to constantly keep working on it. You need to keep it fresh and exciting.

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  • Peter:

    hi i am a 24 year old medical student and my bf is 23 finish his studying in civil is 13 monthes that we are friends.we were really loved each other.we were so good and so romantic.everybody said we match each other.he reaaly respected me and made me feel he is in love.but now it is about 2-3 monthes that both of us change.first his behavior was changed.and in the reflex of his new acts i changed myself too

    its about some monthes that i always tell him let’s go out.i spend money for dinner and etc.i think i had become so ordinary for him…..i gave him all my everything.but now he doesn’t appereciate it….. and in the reply to his changes i had chenged myself toooo.ive become so cruel.doent listen to what he told me no more

    and in the last month every other day we were in fight! i got so exhusted.i am sure he is like me too

    i should note that last night he called me and told me he want to maarry with me.only me.and he is thinking about that so much ..( of course not now…we wanna get marry in the next 2-3 years)

    what should i do? how can i stop these fights? ?how can i make our relationship freshh again?
    plz help me

  • Jeracoo L:

    This guy I have know for 2 years. We hang out 2-3 times a week (for a month now). We text usually each other atleast once a day. He flirts with me and I flirt with him. He isn’t ready for a relationship though…he got out of a horrible one (he dated her for 3 years she cheated on him and they broke up like 5 months ago)..we enjoy spending time together…we have kissed….how can i make him want a relationship?

  • Brendan O:

    Please help me, I need advise.
    My girlfriend and I have been going out for about a year and a half. We are both around 20. Ill get right to the problem… When we started dating, we, like all couples, had to figure out what each other were comfortable with in terms of what we do outside of the relationship. Id ask her her opinion on things if I was going to like go hang out with friends and other girls would be there, or if I was going to go have guys night somewhere etc., just to make sure she was comfortable with it, and she would do the same for me. I did however, early on in our relationship, do a couple things that she wasn’t comfortable with (nothing too bad), but shed get upset at me, and really mad at me. Since then I’ve sort of learned what she is and isn’t comfortable with, and if I know she won’t be, I don’t even ask and don’t do it.
    Anyways, I’ve noticed a pattern now that we are over a year into our relationship. I have stopped asking about stuff that I know she isn’t comfortable with, and just don’t ask or do it. But she still asks about things that she knows I am not comfortable with, and even worse, when I tell her calmly that I’m not really ok with it, she argues with me, and calls me controlling, and tells me that secant live her life with me controlling her. I try my best to let her just do what she wants, and don’t really tell her I’m uncomfortable with something unless I really truly am uncomfortable with it.
    My biggest problem is that this just doesn’t seem fair to me. I can’t do the same thing that she is doing, where I would just tell her to trust me if she was uncomfortable with something, and do it anyways, because I know that she will get really really upset, and Im worried that it could really damage our relationship, and at the same time, I feel like I can’t get overly upset when she says she is going to do something that I am uncomfortable with because she starts playing the controlling card and saying she was controlled a lot by her parents growing up, and she doesn’t want it in a relationship.
    I just don’t know how to handle this, I feel like im stuck doing only things that she’s ok with (which I’m totally fine with), but she’s can do whatever she wants, and I get yelled at if i tell her that its not really ok with me.

  • turg143:

    What is a female led relationship? Is it beneficial or harmful to a relationship?

  • Thomas Lopez:

    So I’m in a relationship with this guy,and he’s extremely sweet ,and he’s just so perfect ,thing is I’m not a virgin he is ,ive only had one sex partner and I ended up getting hurt lied and used,I loved him tho.Anyways So The New guy I do like him slot maybe even love ,he says he loves Me but I’m not sure about all this I mean I like how he treats Me and everything it’s the best relationship I’ve ever had but my feelings for him aren’t what I thought I’d expect ,I like him tho but i was wondering if having sex at least once with him would make the relationship better ?

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